Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Eagles 4th Quarter Let Down, The Dallas Cowboys Win, Ame's NFL Week 9 Pick Results & R.I.P. Joe Frazier

The Eagles lose again after having the lead in the fourth quarter to the Chicago Bears in yesterday's, Monday night football game. Everyone from the coach, Andy Reid, to the quarter back, Michael Vick, wants to take the blame for losing this game, but it does not matter who takes the blame because a loss is a loss. I know some die hard Eagle fans want to hang on to the dream of the dream team, but the truth is their season is done.

Before week 9 started the NFC East looked like this: New York Giants 5-2, Dallas Cowboys 3-4, Washington Redskins 3-4, and the Philadelphia Eagles 3-4. Every team under the Giants had a chance of some how making something still happen. However, only one of those teams did and that's the Dallas Cowboys with their win over the Seattle Seahawks.

Maybe next season the dream team will actually become the dream team, but lets get real next week is week 10 of the season. There is only 17 weeks in a NFL season and one week is a bye week for each team. Therefore, each team only plays 16 weeks. If you are not getting my drift, I am saying more than half the season is over. Its a wrap! Say good bye to that fantasy and move on. Don't let this one team ruin the football season for you. I suggest you start liking another team that has hopes of going some where or you are about to be one mad NFL fan. I'm just saying.


So Dallas beat the Seattle Seahawks this past weekend. Texas and all the Dallas Cowboy's fans are excited. Well almost all are, because I am one of the ones that is NOT excited. Yes the fans can be happy they won because a win is way better than a loss any day, but look who they beat? Since coming off their bye week they have went 2-2.  They lost to New England and Philadelphia. They beat St. Louis and Seattle. Does anyone see where I am going? Basically they have NOT beaten one good team. The St. Louis Rams are 1-7 and the Seattle Seahawks are 2-6.

Luckily for the Cowboys their next four games are going to be pretty easy except for the game against the Bills. The Cowboys would win the Super Bowl this NFL season if only sorry teams were left in the NFL. I urge the Dallas Cowboys fans to NOT get excited and please don't start dreaming of winning a Super Bowl. If you do you will only be heart broken because Tony Romo will let you down once again!



So I went 8-6 in week 9. Not bad, but it's not perfect. If I ever do a perfect pick
week I'm throwing a party!

MIA @ KC  ----MIA        Lost
SEA @ DAL --DAL       WON
TB @ NO     ---NO        WON
SF @ WAS ----SF        WON
NYJ @ BUF ----NYJ      Lost
CLE @ HOU ---HOU     WON
ATL @ IND  ---ATL       WON
CIN @ TEN ---CIN         Lost
DEN @ OAK---DEN      WON  
NYG @ NE ----NYG      Lost
GB @ SD -----GB         WON
STL @ ARI ---STL        WON
BAL @ PIT ---PIT         Lost

CHI @ PHI ---CHI         Lost

R.I.P. JOE FRAZIER 1944-2011


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