Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tim Tebow Takes Over, Top 5 Reasons To End The NBA LockOut, Can The Cowboys Win This Week...

So, you wake up one day thinking you still have your job only to realize that you've been replaced. BUMMER, BUMMER... Well this is how Denver Bronco's ex starting QB Kyle Orton feels. Yes Tim Tebow has taken, replaced, or if you like the words been given Orton's job. It really does not matter what word you use. They all mean Orton has been fired! Well not exactly fired because in the good old NFL you still get paid to sit your behind on the bench even if you are not in the game. So technically the only thing Orton is probably feeling is rejected or his pride is hurt, but his wallet is NOT going to suffer. It's like going to work and not having to work! I need a job like that! I no what you are thinking...Don't we all! Don't we ALL!


1. The fans are getting mad as all you know what
2. Basketball is exciting to watch
3. NBA players are not getting paid right now
4. So Sports Center can have more to talk about than Baseball and the NFL
5. This LockOut is ridiculous and it has dragged out to long already


H to the NO. They are playing New England. Don't make me laugh. Tom Brady & his boys are about to have one big field day. I am sorry I have jumped off the Tony Romo band wagon long ago. He is way to sometime-e for me. Yes one minute he can play then the next he can't. He plays great the first half then the next half he is throwing two interceptions that cost the game. He never has gotten the cowboys to a Super Bowl game. Wait I went to far. He never got the cowboys out the 1st round of the playoffs until what..last year then lost in the 2nd round. I have had enough. I say its time that the Cowboys start looking for another quarter back. Take this season as a LOST and regroup for next season. Yes, once again I have no faith in Tony Romo. His record shows me no reason to and mark my words as long as he is the Cowboys QB they are NOT winning a Super Bowl.....!

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